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Baba Franchuk's Garlic

Baba Franchuk's
Baba Franchuk's

Baba Franchuk's is a Rocambole garlic.

This garlic is new to us and we're building up our seed stock but should have some for sale in 2016. Dark purple skins wrapped around huge cloves make this a very attractive bulb.

Baba Franchuk's is very much a rocambole. Strong when raw, mellow when cooked. The taste is similar to German Red. Eat it raw, cooked or baked, it's delicious.

The bulbs and cloves are huge so you get all that great Rocambole flavour, especially when used fresh. Each bulb contains from 8 to 10 cloves which are easy to peel.

Stores for about 4 to 6 months.

We heard it originated in Manitoba and are glad it's made the move to British Columbia.

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Heritage garlic.